Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Scott Serfas shoots it all and shoots it all well. His passion runs deep and it shows in his work. We'd never label him as just a "snow" guy but we sure are proud to have him on the A-Frame team spearheading our, soon to be unveiled, SNOW division. Scott composes images that put you right in the middle of the action. "I am recognized for my ability to translate the athlete's point of view and their experience," says Serfas. "I insist on capturing scenes that illustrate the scale and magnitude of the landscape so everyone sees a realistic interpretation of what the athlete is actually doing. On top of that, I strive for a unique perspective which sometimes means I am shooting in the equipment basket attached to the outside of a helicopter or I am scaling some peak at 5am to get the sunrise." Want to see for yourself? Well, you're in luck. Scott just launched an amazing new site that anyone remotely interested in photography will surely enjoy:

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