Friday, November 5, 2010

Cortes Awakens

Winter must be here as our resident big wave photographer Jason Murray along with a stellar crew of chargers including Jeff Clark, Shane Dorian, Mike Parsons, Greg Long, Mark Healey and Ian Walsh attacked Mavericks and Cortes Bank on the same swell.

Check out the photos and read the full story here

Thursday, November 4, 2010


ANDY IRONS - Images by A-Frame Media

The surf world lost a true champion this week. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Iron’s family and all of Andy’s friends from around the world.
Peace be with you Andy. You will not be forgotten.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Looking into the eyes of a champ

– By Matt Walker

Kelly’s wins at Lowers and Portugal add up to a virtual lock on a tenth world title – but there’s still a few questions to consider

9250 points. You’d think it would be enough of a lead to guarantee a record 10th world title. But not quite yet. Nevertheless, Kelly Slater’s commanding victories at the Hurley Lowers Pro and Rip Curl Portugal event this fall – his fourth win at Lowers over the past 20 years; his first Portugal victory to date – certainly cements his title as the best surfer ever. And it comes at a time when the definition of what makes a champ is changing before our very eyes, largely at the hands of Slater himself.

The new format? His. (Not only did he draw it up, he flexed his political muscle to make it happen.) The move toward riding unorthodox equipment? His. (Dane may get more attention for riding Rob’s leftovers and raiding dumpsters, but Kelly gets credit for winning on a 5’9” of his own design.) And of course, the competition is still his, best demonstrated in Europe, as both those who would be champions (Jordy Smith) and once were (Mick Fanning) missed opportunities to fulfill their destinies. While Fanning kept Slater from taking three in a row by taking the Quik Pro France, he failed to stop his momentum. Come Portugal, Kelly plowed past Mick – and over Smith – the only two surfers who still have a shot at the title. And now it’s an outside chance at best.

Of course none of these less quantifiable achievements keeps pundits from asking that most annoying of questions yet again: “Can he win 10?” Nor does it keep Slater from – as usual -- answering with out really answering: “I never would have fathomed a ninth title,” he said from the podium at Lowers.” I don't know what to say. It’s a long road ahead.” But that doesn’t mean the past three events didn’t offer some real insights to ponder. Here’s just a few:

1. Kelly’s won 44 times. Tom Curren’s second at 34. Think about that. Just a few years ago, Kelly had stalled just one shy of breaking Tom Curren’s record — unable to win heats, much less titles, suffering a rare spell of contest dyslexia. But since breaking that that curse in 2007, he’s averaged more than three victories a year. Portugal makes three for 2010. Does anyone really think he can’t ratchet up 45?

1 of 44 World Tour Wins

2. Kelly is only competing against himself at this point. Irons’ win at the Billabong Pro Tahiti Pro did nothing for his own chances at a fourth world title, but a rejuvenated AI could’ve been a real spoiler for Kelly. On the other hand, by making the semis in California and winning in France, Mick showed he was a real threat to steal the title in the closing events. Both are the only surfers to ever truly challenge Slates in the new millennium. And by bowing out early, both put the steering wheel firmly in Kelly’s hands – and give his former foe some extra confidence as they head to the Caribbean.

Kelly usually stays close to the lip
except on occasions like this where he takes to the shoulder

3. Kelly has three times the reason to win in PR. Whether it’s beating a new school of surfers or breaking personal records, all Kelly needs to win is a reason to push himself. But it doesn’t have to be smashing an old foe. Could simply be a fresh win in a place he’d always done poorly-- like Portugal, where his best prior result before was paltry 17th. Now consider this: the Rip Curl Search event in Puerto Rico isn’t just the first ASP world tour event ever in the Caribbean, it’s the closest to an East Coast event for the Florida native. Add that elusive tenth, and he’ll be triply motivated to make history – for the world and himself. PR Preview

4. If Slater doesn’t stay first, he may never be tenth. In years past, Kelly’s often done better coming into the closing year in something other than first, winning more titles at Pipe by coming from behind. Should he fail to clamp his 10th before Hawaii, he may wish he’d stayed number 2 and slipstreamed his way into victory.

No come from behind title at Pipe this year...

5. If Slater doesn’t get tenth this year, he may never do it. The irony of the new format is Kelly could go from world champ to another world slogger fighting to re-qualify in less than a year. The good news? That added pressure and rotating numbers doesn’t just make winning contests and titles harder — it makes doing it year after year almost impossible. And if nobody else will ever topple his records, why should he?

* Watch history unfold here

Will Kelly soon be holding up 10 fingers in Puerto Rico?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A-Frame's Chris Burkard Wins Prestigious Red Bull Illume Event

Photo: Red Bull Photofiles

Burkie added yet another feather to his cap this week with his huge win at the Red Bull Illume. Not only is Chris one of the most talented new photographers on the scene today but he's probably the most humble guy in the same space. Chris lets his work speak for itself and these days that voice is getting pretty loud. The Illume event is the world's premier action and adventure sports photography competition and this year the submissions reached a staggering 22,764 images. Those were culled down to 50 finalists and Mr. Burkard came out on top of the pack with his show stopping image of Peter Mendia in a flared out green dream of a tube in Buchupero, Chile.

We couldn't be more proud of Chris and look forward to the massive celebration upon his return. Way to go Burkie!

Photo: Red Bull Photofiles

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

American Photo - Sports Photography

Scott Serfas is one hardworking mofo and we're grateful to have him onboard as one of A-Frame's top snowboard photographers. His work is outstanding and he manages to get his talent to continually push the performance level. Case in point: "We were in the Whistler backcountry, it was late in the day, and my crew was still motivated to get shots. This was Mikkel's first time hitting the jump. He was trying a backside 180 and misjudged his speed and went way too big. He opened up like this to keep his balance. On the next try he got the trick but it just doesn't look as cool as this one."

No wonder Scott is one of the most sought after snow shooters in the world. His eye for the subtle nuances makes for some very moving photographs.

The image below was featured in a special Sports Photography piece in American Photo this month alongside some amazing images from the world of sports. Nice work Mr. Serfas.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pat Stacy :: Solo Exhibition at the TBWA\Chiat\Day Art Space

Special thanks to keen surfer and TBWA\Chiat\Day producer, Michael Gross who, after seeing a recent Surfing Magazine cover, reached out to Pat with an invitation to hang his work in their amazing indoor city of an office. Michael had been a fan of Pat’s work, but his giant barrel cover shot of an arm raised Timmy Reyes (May 2010 issue of Surfing Magazine) pushed him over the edge to call about doing a show. Pat did a Friday afternoon presentation to a packed house and got the entire building into surf mode right before summer besieged our fine state. From Pat Stacy and everyone here at A-Frame we thank the fine folks at TBWA\Chiat\Day for their incredible hospitality and for keeping our guys on their radar. We are very grateful to say the least.

Photos: Alyssa Stacy

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Kalani Robb got huge props from LOST star Dominic Monaghan during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Monaghan explains how he broke his foot while surfing with "one of the best surfer's of his generation" (Robb) and urges everyone to check out his POV barrel footage on YouTube. How cool is that you ask? Well, pretty darn cool. A-Frame Photographer / Cinematographer Pete Hodgson has engineered some incredibly effective mounting devices for his POV cams that have taken the common man on a ride through the tube. If you’ve never been barreled or if it’s just been awhile we urge you to sit back, get comfortable and ride along with Kalani and Pete as they take you through a tour of the green room.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is There Aloha in the Water?

Check this great Zak Noyle interview by the Swiss powerhouse SF (Schweizer Fernsehen). Zak is such a humble artist that even though we can’t understand the interview, his passion comes through as if you just did a Rosetta Stone course. Have a look and you’ll see what we mean.

SF unterwegs vom 16.04.2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cover Boy

Male model, turned A-Frame Photographer, Ryan Miller has claimed his second consecutive cover of the much talked about Australian surf magazine STAB. Miller isn't new to the cover game but scoring back to back covers of the same publication is quite a feat. American magazine, TWSurf, got onto Ryan's work earlier this year with a Dane Reynolds cover (Feb 2010 issue) and he's been featured in both Surfer, Surfing and The Surfer's Journal on a regular basis over the last few years. He's become a favorite among the new school crew of surfers, not only because he has a knack for cover shots, but he's just plain fun to be around. His commercial work has blossomed recently as well with campaigns for Casio, O'Neill and DVS/Matix. For now it looks like his modeling career will unfortunately take a backseat to his photography. It's just rare that a photographer can be as equally talented in front of the lens as he is behind it. You'll be seeing more of him in the future for sure. Yikes, we mean more of his work.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Double Barrel Brodown

Two in the Chamber - Images by A-Frame Media/Epes Sargent

Twin brothers Kiva and Tide Rivers share a barrel at Honolua Bay. See the entire sequence above and hop on over to for the story

Not sure if they’re adding “tandem barrel riding” to their surf school curriculum but if you’re ever in Maui check them out:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Quiksilver Airlines?

Hold on a second. Have things completely turned around already? Have the planets realigned themselves and Quiksilver is again the rightful leader of the surf world? Whatever has happened, extremely savvy marketing initiative or not, we love seeing our work on airplanes and this double-sided beauty goes out to Mr. Todd Glaser. Todd photographed Julian during a recent shoot in Nicaragua for Julian's, Irons Brother's Productions, film called Scratching the Surface. Fasten your seat belts and get those trays stowed boys it's going to be a wild ride. Click here to read more.

Monday, January 18, 2010

More Big Wave Hunting

There has been a group of big wave surfers who have been going non-stop this winter and photographer Jason Murray has been there every step of the way. Not sure when these guys sleep, but I'd bet that the adrenaline coursing through their veins has them pretty jacked up at this point. Check their most recent score off the coast of Northern Baja at a lovely little place called Isla Todos Santos.

Friday, January 15, 2010

From the Land of Aloha...

...we're proud to introduce you to Zak Noyle. Zak is one of the newest members of the A-Frame family and has quickly proven himself as one of the rising stars in the world of water photography. He has been working very hard the last couple of years to break onto "the scene" and that he did with his incredible work from the Quiksilver in memory of Eddie Aikau event this year. With multiple covers, ads and countless editorial impressions Zak has proven himself as not only a very talented photographer, but as a guy who can make it happen in or out of the water. We have a feeling you'll be seeing much more from him as he makes his mark in the surf world. Welcome to the team Zak.