Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shawn Parkin - 2012 FTLF Winner

The 2012 Finalists from L-R: Ryan Craig, Matt Kurvin, Sarah Lee, Shawn Parkin, Mike Smolowe
 The Follow the Light Foundation awards took place last night and once again the competition was fierce. Any one of the finalists could have taken home the top prize, but in the end it was Shawn Parkin coming out on top. Well done Shawn! The other finalists were Sarah Lee (People's Choice Award Winner), Matt Kurvin, Mike Smolowe and A-Frame contributor Ryan Craig.

2012 Follow the Light Foundation Sponsors

Your 2012 Winner: Shawn Parkin
One of Shawn's amazing images

Two of the best water photographers in the business:
A-Frame Photographers Pat Stacy and Todd Glaser

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